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SEDEX stands for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, it is a non-profit organization and it helps in driving ethical business practices. SEDEX is helpful in maintaining ethical information in effective and simple manner. SEDEX provides a secure online database which lets the members to share, store the data in four areas:-Health and safety standard, labor, standard, environment and business ethics.

The buyers can manage and view the ethical data information for suppliers on the database and suppliers can share their information for multiple buyers on the database.

The companies who undergoes a SEDEX audit their data can show that their customers that they respect principles of ethically and socially sustainable product. And customers can effectively manage and view their supplier implementation of these principles and reduces their risk of time, money and loss.

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Benefits of SEDEX

  • It is easy to access the information from one secure place.
  • It helps in developing ethical business practices.
  • It helps in maintaining and managing business data or information properly.
  • Helps in improving business efficiency of the organization.
  • Helps in reducing the workload and generate greater employee involvement.
  • SEDEX aims to help you increasing your company’s reputation.
  • It gives you competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • It improves your relationships with suppliers.
  • SEDEX has one audit.

SEDEX Membership categories:-

The registered members can be listed as A, B, AB members in the SEDEX Database.

  1. A members: This means end of the supply chain, this category is usually for retailers who wish to manage their suppliers through SEDEX.
  2. B members: This if usually for producers at the beginning of the supply chain, who are required to share information on their ethical performance with their customers.
  3. AB Members:  this category is usually for processors and distributors who are in the middle of the supply chain, who get the information about their supplier and also provide it their information to the buyers in their own ethical performance to their clients.

Process of getting SEDEX Certification:

  • Application: Application is the first step to get SEDEX Certification, the application consists of some basic information of your company. The Certification Body that you chose must accept the application and they need to maintain all the information on the SEDEX database.
  • Review of Application: The application is then reviewed by the team to ensure that requirements of the compliance have been fulfilled.
  • Quote and agreement: After reviewing the documents we provide the price quotation to the clients and we also performs the Gap analysis to check all the clauses and sections of the quality standards. It is don’t in order to check the Gap between planning and achieving things by a company
  • Documentation Review: This is required to ensure that the documentation fulfills the compliance requirements. 
    • Stage 1 Audit: In this step we evaluate your organization’s documents to ensure the compliance requirements.
    • Review we review the documentation of your management system to make sure that the compliance requirements have met.
    • Corrective Action These are in order to deal with the non-conformity. Corrective actions are taken when non conformity occurs.
    • Verification: Verification of documentation of the organization as per the standard requirements states.
  • Stage 2 audit:  In this stage of the audit, the auditor verifies the organization’s implementation of standard according to its documentation and if the auditor of Certification body identifies the non-conformities then an opportunity is given to the organization in order to correct those non conformities.
    • Review Reviewing the implementation process of organization according to the organization’ documents.
    • Corrective actions In case of any non-conformity the corrective actions has to be taken.
    • Verification verifications of work instructions and implementation process are being followed by your employees.
  • Granting of certification after completing the above written steps Certification Body will issue your SEDEX Certification. The Certification issued by a Certification body is valid for three year.
  • Surveillance audit It is conduct to ensure that your organization meets the requirements of Management System. Surveillance audit must be performed in 6month to one year of the date of certification being issued.
  • Re-certification: Re-Certification is the process which is followed after completion of 3 years means when your certification expires.
    • Review After three years review of your documentation and implementation process of your management system is performed again in order to ensure that the compliance requirements have been contented.
    • Corrective actions In this step the non-conformities are rechecked, If case of problem Certification Body gives the opportunity to the organization to resolve the non-conformity
    • Verification In this step the comparison of the organization with the compliance requirement.

How ca​n E-Certifications Help In SEDEX Certification?

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